Snow & Ice Maintenance


A reliable snow plowing provider that removes snow and ice from your commercial property is an absolute must. When a storm hits, it could cost you serious time and business. Worse, it could pose major safety risks for your staff and customers. Our team takes care of snow and ice removal for you conveniently, quickly, and effectively. We’ll make preventing heavy snow buildup and de-icing an absolute breeze!


We provide reliable and hassle free snowplowing services for properties of all types and sizes. 

Salting & Ice Control

Ensure that your property remains safe and free of hazardous conditions with our ice management services.

Snow Removal

We remove any piles of snow or ice quickly in order to prevent flooding from melting when the temperature warms. 

Snow Shoveling

As an add on service, we provide snow shoveling to ensure your entryways and sidewalks always remain accessible.

Looking for the most reliable snow plowing company in Rochester?

As a leading provider of snowplowing, snow removal and ice management services, our team of experienced professionals are on call 24/7 during any snowstorm and are always quick and reliable to act on bad winter weather. 

Even in an emergency snow situation, our technicians at Westside Maintenance will be prepared to help you as soon as possible! Our team is very reliable and well-equipped to help you in any serious storm conditions. We are the company you can turn to even when the demand for commercial snow services is high and our competitors are overwhelmed and understaffed.


We practice a very pro-active approach to ice control. We salt after each plow and whenever warranted by the weather conditions to reduce impending snow accumulation as well as to keep areas from re-freezing and creating hazardous conditions.

We also continue to apply salt to surfaces during weather events when needed to provide for safer conditions. Our technicians will continue to visit your property daily after a weather event ends to address all post storm and refreeze concerns, and to ensure walkways and roadways are not slippery or hazardous.

Commercial Snowplowing & Salting in Rochester NY

No matter how big or small the job is, hiring Westside Maintenance to take care of your winter related needs is easy! Follow these steps to get started:

  • Call us OR click here to fill out the online free estimate request form.
  • Receive a detailed quote for all the services you need throughout the winter.
  • Sign and approve your contract.
  • Keep your property safe and accessible all winter!

    Call For a Quote:

    (585) 734-8417

    We are committed to making the snowplowing, snow removal and ice management process as easy and smooth as possible. Have a specific question? Never hesitate to call us or ask online, our team at Westside Maintenance is always here to help!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer seasonal or per trip rates? How much does it cost?

    We offer both seasonal and per trip rates, so it’s completely up to you! The cost will depend on a variety of factors such as the size of the area and complexity of the project. 

    How often do you plow and salt?

    We plow every two inches of snowfall and salt everytime winter weather warrants it in order to keep the area safe and free of any hazardous conditions. 

    Do you offer commercial and industrial services?

    Yes we do, in fact this is the bulk of our winter related work. 

    Is there a cost or fee for an estimate?

    No our initial consultation and estimate is 100% FREE, and there is no commitment whatsoever required. 

    Where does Westside Maintenance service?

    We proudly service the greater Rochester area.

    What happens during my estimate?

    During your free estimate we will assess the entire area and determine what services are needed. We will inform you of our recommendations and the cost for your specific project.

    Our Services


    Our experts take care of snow and ice removal for you conveniently, quickly, and effectively. We’ll make preventing heavy snow buildup an absolute breeze!

    Asphalt Paving

    Getting new pavement and maintaining it properly is a necessity. When it needs attention, turn to  Westside Maintenance to handle all of your paving needs. 

    Lawn Rolling

    Lawn rolling and core aeration will help flatten the surface, fix minor tire ruts, and smooth out areas that have heaved while keeping your lawn nice and healthy.